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Why Is Anti-Fog Important?

Paintball player under rain, equip for paintball

Anyone who wears glasses will understand the struggle when they fog up. You may be stuck with the dilemma of forgoing your eyewear completely or dealing with impaired vision. However, those who require safety goggles for work or participation in a high-risk contact sport will have experienced this problem in intensified magnitude.

In our day to day lives, it is simple enough to remove glasses and wait a few seconds for the fog to go away. This may not always be the case in workplaces or while engaging in physical activity, which is one reason anti-fog is so important. In this article, we share with you more about the importance of anti-fog.

Prevents Injuries and Accidents

One thing you absolutely must understand about safety eyewear is that they are compulsory for a reason. If you work in an industry where you are regularly exposed to bright lights or minute particles and sparks, safety goggles are a must for protecting your eyes. Sports such as paintball, airsoft and skiing also require them to ensure that your eyes do not get hit directly, whether by a ball or a blast of snow.

However, even if you have on safety goggles, you may experience another problem: fogging. When eyewear fogs up, your vision is impaired and this increases the chances of injuries and accidents occurring, negating the reason for wearing them in the first place. The only solution is anti fog.

Manages Extreme Change in Surrounding Temperatures

In some industries, workers are constantly moving between two or more locations with massive differences in temperature. This is significant because fog develops when there is a difference between the internal and external temperature of your eyewear. For instance, food processing workers who enter and exit coolers regularly will experience fogging more frequently.

A good anti fog system will account for this problem. As controlled environments have to be a certain temperature for a reason, such as keeping food fresh, there is no way they can be changed to solve the problem of foggy eyewear. Hence, what you will need is an advanced anti fog system that is easy to attach and use.

Get Advanced Anti-Fog Technology from ExFog®

Do you require a permanent anti-fog solution for foggy eyewear? If so, look no further than our anti-fog system at ExFog®. Our system can be attached directly onto existing eyewear and headgear, being light and compact to ensure that your head is not weighed down. It also comes with an optional traditional headband or T-Band attachment system for those who require extra security.

The ExFog® anti-fog system works through a variable speed control fan system to control the temperature around the wearer. With 5 feet of tubing and quiet operation, the system has been designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Its battery is rechargeable through a micro USB port. If you have any queries or would like more information, please feel free to contact us today.