Best Anti Fog For Glasses

Anti Fog Spray / Rubbing Compound

  • Need Clean Goggles to create a smooth enough film
  • Works for a short duration for most users.
  • Requires a clean cloth to apply as needed.
  • Sprays/Compounds require "prep" - This means you need to be in a safe area to remove goggles/glasses, and time to prepare/wipe the lens.
  • Chemicals can potentially irritate the eye

ExFog® Anti Fog

  • Do not need to clean glasses/goggles - If they get some dirt/dust, no problem.
  • Will work for a well through a typical work day. Adaptable to battery boxes for multi-day use.
  • No additional items needed. No re-application necessary.
  • Tuck the tubes into your goggles when first putting on your safety eyewear, and you are ready for defogging anytime needed.
  • Adjustable speed control of the fan system, ensures comfortable operation throughout the day