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ExFog®: Antifog For Goggles

This video provides a comprehensive overview of the ExFog® Antifog System for full seal goggles. In this video, Aaron discusses why he developed ExFog® and how it works. He also gives an overview of the ExFog® features and describes how it can benefit those who need an anti-fog solution that is lightweight, easy-to-use, and versatile.
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ExFog® Antifog Kit: What Do You Get?

In this video, Aaron offers a brief overview of what comes in the ExFog® Antifog kit. He shows everything that comes in the box and explains what it is and how to use it. The kit includes the master unit (2.9 oz), high-flow tubing, the micro-USB recharging cord, T-Band with zip strips or traditional headband (depending on what you choose), custom manifolds, and construction-grade hook and loop system. The kit will also come with instructions and information on the one-year limited factory defect warranty.
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Does ExFog® Antifog Really Work?

In this video, Aaron uses “Sweaty Freddie” to demonstrate how the ExFog® Antifog System works to fight fog in the harshest environments. He performs the ultimate stress test on the ExFog® system on a cold winter day to show how the system stands up in a cold environment with a log of heat coming through the goggles. This demonstration also includes a first-hand look at what you would see while wearing the system.
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ExFog® T-Band For Paintball And Skiing Masks

With each ExFog® Antifog System, you have the option to choose our “T-Band” style headband that’s designed to attach to paintball, ski masks, and other types of goggles that include larger straps or band. In this video, Aaron demonstrates how to wear the T-Band headband as this low-profile option is designed to go on and off easily with your mask as one unit. He shows you how you can use the side to side manifold to run the tube in the goggles and hide it.
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ExFog® Traditional Headband

With the ExFog® Antifog system, you have the option to choose our standard headband, which is ideal for those who are not wearing any headgear like working around the house. In this video, Aaron demonstrates how to wear the traditional headband, which has a three-point attachment that is easy to slide on the head and attach to any type of goggle. Depending on the type of eyewear, you may want to put the ExFog® system on after putting on the eyewear.

Video Reviews

We often hear from ExFog® customers that our anti-fog system is one of the best on the market. Customers find our product is easy-to-use, effective, and versatile – allowing them to eliminate fog from full seal goggles in any environment for any application.

But don’t take our word for it!

Watch some of our video reviews to see what real users think of the ExFog® Antifog System. Their testimonials will give you a better idea of what it’s like to use ExFog® in the field for work and play.