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Providing Anti-Fog Solutions For Goggles & More

ExFog® is an American made brand, committed to providing resilient antifog solutions for all sorts of headwear and goggles. The patent pending ExFog® Antifog System is the sole custom-mounted and self contained antifog solution in the market today.

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ExFog® Antifog Review – Stop Goggle Fog

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THIS IS THE BEST ANTI FOG FOR AIRSOFT! Even if you aren’t airsofting then this still will work... Read More

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Andy at the MIR Tactical Airsoft Event, sporting Valken Zulu’s, had an opportunity to review the ExFog® Antifog... Read More

Antifog Goggles with ExFog® Antifog

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ExFog® Antifog Review – Cold Weather, UK

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Xfog Anti Fog System review: By Sparrow

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Stop Goggle Fog – ExFog® Antifog Review

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ExFog® Antifog Review by Matt of Orange Gorilla Group!

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ExFog® Goggle Anti fog System – Review at Blast Camp

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ExFog® Antifog Review – By Nick Gilwa

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