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Anti Fog For Airsoft

As a competitive team shooting sport, the game of airsoft simulates military conditions and makes use of ‘weapons’ that are full-scale replicas of those used in the real world. It is important to have on safety goggles when engaging in airsoft for a number of reasons. As airsoft makes use of hard plastic bb’s to shoot opponents with, it can result in serious complications if one of those bb’s were to hit you in the eye. However, when your goggles are foggy, this can hamper your vision and ability to play the game, besides inadvertently putting you in the line of direct danger.

About Airsoft

Do not be confused by the name “airsoft”, which is a term made up by the Daisy BB Gun company to promote their new BB gun rifles which made use of plastic pellets instead of the usual metal bearings. These guns were much safer to shoot at opponents with and today, airsoft is a sport that imitates combat conditions, making use of weapons and tactics fashioned after real ones used in the military. Although airsoft does not make use of real firearms, it is important to protect your eyes by having goggles on at all times when engaging in the sport.

What Causes Airsoft Goggles to Fog Up?

The reason airsoft goggles tend to fog up is caused by the differences in temperature between the inside and outside of your goggles. When this happens, the air on the inside of your goggles condenses and creates a foggy, blurry effect. This can hamper your vision and put you in a dangerous position while engaging in the sport.

Why Should Airsoft Players Use ExFog Anti Fog Systems?

Airsoft players who are looking for a long-term solution to foggy goggles can turn to ExFog Anti Fog systems with confidence. As a fan-driven system that can be set to different speeds, it works by driving out air through the tubing. This tubing is attached to the temple part of your googles. Regulating temperatures and preventing fogging from occurring in the first place, you can be assured that our Anti Fog system is compatible with most headwear and full-seal goggles.

Key Features of Our ExFog Anti Fog Systems

  • Self-contained and custom mounted
  • High-strength polycarbonate body
  • Variable speed control fan system that operates quietly
  • Rechargeable battery with micro-USB port
  • Lightweight and compact design (2.9 oz)
  • Tubing (5 feet)
  • One-year factory defect warranty

Why Choose ExFog for Anti Fog Solutions?

ExFog is based in the United States and offers effective and efficient anti-fog solutions for a variety of applications, including that of high-risk contact sports such as airsoft. We are committed to providing our customers across a wide range of industries with the best anti fog technology at the very best price.

If you have any questions about our anti fog solutions for airsoft, feel free to contact us today. You may call ExFog at 866-393-6450 or email us at sales@exfog.com.