What Makes The ExFog® System The Best Option For Anti-Fog?

The ExFog® Antifog system is one of the most versatile anti-fog units on the market today.

But what makes it so special?Watch this video from owner, Aaron Bennett to learn more about why he invented ExFog® and what features it offers for anyone dealing with a fog problem in their full seal goggles.

Versatile Bg

The ExFog® Antifog System Was Designed To Be Versatile.

You can mount the unit on any type of headwear and fit it on nearly any type of full seal goggle. The unique ExFog® features include:

Self-contained and
custom mounted

polycarbonate body

Lightweight, compact design
(2.9 oz)

Variable speed control fan
system with quiet operation

Custom manifold system

5-feet of tubing

Rechargeable battery with
micro-USB port

One-year factory defect

Additional Features


Custom Manifold System

The ExFog® Proprietary Manifold System is set up specifically for kink-free operation – This system is designed so that whether the unit is sitting directly flat on something, such as the bill of a cap, or if it is sitting on a helmet or hat, you can use the manifold that is specific to your needs!


Rechargeable Battery and Variable Speed Control

Our Variable Speed Control allows you to turn it down to a “maintenance level” once fog is cleared. This allows for hours of comfortable wearability and also extends battery life for non-stop operation!


High Impact, Fully Self-Contained Body

No exposed wires, fans or blades. Made with Lexan Polycarbonate, ExFog® is designed to take hits, impacts, falls from skiing, etc. All components are designed to be “face-down” which allows for natural shielding against the elements.


How It Works

ExFog® is designed to drive air through tubing into the temple portion of the full seal goggles. The system helps regulate temperature inside the goggles to eliminate fog, allowing you to focus on what’s important instead of adjusting your goggles.

You can mount the ExFog® system to various types of gear from helmets and boonies to caps and low-profile headbands using velcro. This simple mounting system makes it easy to transfer the ExFog® Antifog System to other types of gear and use it in another pair of goggles when needed. The tubing tucks into the head gear so that you can easily hide the tubing and keep it from interfering with your activity.