The Ideal Anti-Fog System for Paintball and Airsoft Players

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Anti-Fog System For Paintball, Airsoft, and Other Shooting Contact Sports

If you play paintball, airsoft, or any other shooting contact sport, then you know how important it is to keep your goggles secure and clear while in the field.

When you’re in the middle of the action, it’s nearly impossible to stop & take a break to clear the fog from your goggles. Not only will this hinder your gameplay, but many locations have strict rules to prevent eye injuries, which means that you & your team may lose points if you stop to take your goggles off or even stick a finger in your goggle to clear the fog. Even worse, clearing your goggles can sometimes get you ejected from the field or game.

So your options are to play through the fog, which is difficult and sometimes dangerous, or invest in an anti-fog system that allows you to play with clear vision in any environment. That’s where the ExFog® Antifog system comes in.


Why ExFog® Antifog

While sprays, rubs, & compounds may work to reduce fog in your goggles, there is one thing that they cannot do – move the humid air inside your goggles to the outside. Open fan systems try to solve this problem, but when the fan is attached to one pair of goggles, you have to replace the entire unit if you damage the fan or the goggles.

ExFog® Antifog is a self-contained, custom mounted unit that you can use with your favorite pair of goggles for airsoft or paintball. The unit is lightweight (2.9 oz) & the tubing is easy to tuck into your headgear, which means you won’t even realize you’re wearing it. Its versatile design means that you can transfer it to another pair of goggles at any time & mount it to any type of headgear.


Get ExFog® Antifog

If you’re a serious paintballer or airsoft player, it’s time to invest in a system that will take your game to the next level. Stop wasting time clearing fog from your goggles, and get the ExFog® Antifog system today.