Defog Construction Goggles and Safety Glasses

Why Risk your Eye-Sight?



On average 10-20% of the 2,000 workplace eye injuries each year led to temporary, or even permanent vision loss…

The #1 reason that goggles are removed in the workplace is due to fog, and the inability to defog them!

The fact is that rubbing compounds and thermal lenses just don’t cut it! You know this, otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this website now…

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According to Occupational Health and Safety Online:

Fogging is the #1 Vision Related Barrier to wearing safety glasses

The impact of eye injuries costs companies nearly $4 billion in lost wages & productivity in a given year.There are 2,000 eye injuries on average each year, & 10-20% lead to temporary or permanent vision loss.

OSHA looks at this…what do they say on the matter?

  • Provide available solutions to prevent fogging. Provide anti-fog treatments which are readily accessible. Keep a supply that is easily seen where workers put on and remove their gear, as well as in resting areas.
  • Technical: (OSHA 1910.132(d)(2)) of the workplace. If conditions are hazardous, personal protective equipment for the eyes should be made available. Moreover, OSHA states that the safety equipment must be in “reliable and sanitary condition” (1910.132(a)).In some workplaces, a “reliable condition” may include a means for preventing safety goggles, safety glasses, and face shields from fogging up. On top of that, OSHA requires employees to be trained on required safety equipment (1910.132(f)(1)). The training may need to include a discussion of eyewear fogging hazards.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

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