Antifog Instructions

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Do you face the problem of fogged-up lenses during work or while participating in other activities? Foggy lenses are a very common problem and can be a huge source of frustration. Once you decide to get an antifog, you may be confused about how to use it. There are different types of antifog products in the market and each of them has specific methods of application. Check out the following antifog instructions.

How To Apply Antifog Solutions

To unlock the maximum effectiveness of your antifog solutions, remember to follow the directions on the products. For application on glass, you need to ensure that the surface is clean. Here are several steps to consider when applying your antifog solution:

  • Apply antifog solutions in environments that are prone to condensation, e.g., manufacturing plants and construction sites.
  • Ensure lenses are clean before applying any antifog treatment.
  • Shake the solution well before applying the solution to lenses.
  • Ensure that the entire surface of each lens has been covered with the solution. Apply the solution on both sides of the lens for best results.
  • Ensure that the entire surface of each lens has been covered with the solution. Apply the solution on both sides of the lens for best results.
  • Often, antifog solutions need time to dry before wiping off excess residue. Colder surfaces may require a longer drying time, so check the solution’s packaging for specific directions.
  • When you wipe your lens down, ensure that you use a dry lint-free cloth. Using a wet cloth can remove some of the antifog solution you have applied.
  • Go one step further and achieve a clean shine by buffing your lens with a dry, lint-free cloth.

This process typically works well for most anti-fog surfaces.

When to Apply Additional Layers of Anti Fog

  • It can be difficult to completely remove the fog on your equipment when exposed to freezing temperatures or a hot and humid environment.
  • If your diving masks and swimming goggles are frequently exposed to seawater, you will need to use a special type of antifog solution that doesn’t easily get washed off. You may need to reapply the product if your items get wet.

How to Use Antifog Systems

In addition to antifog solutions, you may consider using alternatives like antifog systems. These systems can be mounted on various types of headwear and full-seal goggles. After mounting it on your helmet, cap, or goggles, it should regulate the temperature within your goggles and reduce fog. This helps you to focus on more important tasks and not get distracted by the fog that’s forming inside your eyewear, which often obstructs one’s vision.

Antifog systems from ExFog® is effective, extremely versatile, and easy to use. If you are on the lookout for a reliable antifog system, check out our products as they are designed to keep your headwear and eyewear well-ventilated.

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