About Machining

Machining is a process that is integral in many industries. Engineers and factory workers often use machining as a way to cut down tools in order to remove unwanted portions and materials. This is done so that the perfect shape can be formed. There are three main machining operations, namely, drilling, milling, and turning. There are also other sub-categories such as boring and shaping. However, one thing in common between all the different operations is that safety is the biggest priority. As such, workers who operate such machines are typically required to put on safety goggles to protect their eyes from any material.

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Let's Get Fog Free

We are passionate about helping to end fog in Machining.
Note: Our Headband Kit is the premier system for Machining, due to ease of application when wearing no headwear, but also includes industrial strength hook and loop for headwear applications.

What Causes Machining Goggles to Fog Up?

People who do machining are familiar with the disadvantages of using machining goggles. Although they offer great protection from the various processes, the fact is that they can get in the way of work as well. The reason that these goggles fog up is because of the difference in temperature between the air that is inside the goggles, and the air on the outside. While the purpose of goggles is to protect the workers, fog might lead to poor vision and therefore act as a safety hazard.

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Key Features of Our ExFog® Antifog Systems

High-strength polycarbonate body

Variable speed control fan system with quiet operation

Lightweight and compact design (2.9 oz)

Self-contained and custom mounted

Custom manifold system

Rechargeable battery with micro-USB port

5-feet tubing

One-year factory warranty

Why Should Machining Operators Use ExFog® Antifog Systems?

ExFog® antifog systems are perfect for use with most types of headwear and full seal protective goggles. ExFog® is extremely hardy and can withstand the harsh conditions of any environment. It is special because it is run by a fan-driven system that has adjustable speed options. As such, you can rest assured that your eyes will not get dry and your battery will last longer. It works by pushing air through special tubing into your goggles, so that the temperature inside your goggles can be controlled to prevent fogging from happening.

Why Choose ExFog® for Antifog Solutions?

ExFog® is currently the only self-contained anti-fog system for machining goggles in the market. We provide extremely effective and reliable anti-fog solutions for the most affordable prices in the country. Our products are suitable for use for all kinds of headwear and goggles that are used for machining.

If you have any questions about our antifog solutions for machining, feel free to contact us today. You may call ExFog® at 866-393-6450 or email us at