Clearance Stock XT Standard Kit – (some fan noise or slight facial blemish)

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May have some minor cosmetic blemish or a slightly louder fan.  Warranty remains on all components and pertains to all issues excluding those that classify under the clearance stock discount.

As the most versatile fog fighting unit on the market today, the ExFog Antifog system features:

  • High-strength polycarbonate body
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Variable speed control
  • Rechargeable lipo battery
  • Custom manifolds

What’s Included:

  • Base unit
  • 2 custom manifolds
  • usb charging cable
  • hook and loop (aka velcro)
  • 5ft of pvc food grade tubing
  • Headband and T band Mounting accessories
  • 1 year warranty

This versatile device can be easily mounted to any type of headwear and fitted to your favorite full seal goggles in just a few minutes. From paintball, airsoft, and skiing to construction, manufacturing, and household work – this antifog system works for any leisure or work application where you need to get rid of fog in your full seal safety goggles.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 in

21 reviews for Clearance Stock XT Standard Kit – (some fan noise or slight facial blemish)

  1. Travis Seibt from West Lafayette.

    The first time I tried exfog, it cleared my fog in seconds and kept my goggles from fogging for the entire day. I am a marksman on my airsoft team and I have a major problem with fog, even during the winter games. Without exfog I would not be able to help my team effectively.

  2. Mike Vasquez from Granger, IN..

    Still No Fog
    I was an original prototype tester, and to date I haven’t had fogging issues. The crude prototype units were pushed to limits of – degree wind chill and 110 degree heat index conditions from a sweaty guy like me running and gunning. I remind you that these were the crude units that didn’t have the variable speed option. 2 weeks ago I ran the newest version at an indoor facility that was very cold at first but then when the action heated up so did my goggles and still had no problems. I’ve never suffered from drying or irritated eyes. Having two variable speed options now will probably ensure that even more. Other than the inventor Aaron I have ran these almost as long as he has. Mounting on a variety of different configurations is super easy and only limited to the imagination. My first generation unit took a direct hit from a bb and still kept on ticking. The current ones are much more durable. Unless you put the unit right up to your ear you can’t even hear it and sometimes I even have to check to make sure its on it’s so quiet. As far as weight, mounting an iPhone 5 on your hat, helmet which is Tiny is probably heavier. Width is nearly Credit card size. Takes just under two hours to fully charge in a built in lipo. Charge will last you through a normal days event duration and then some. Comes with a mini USB charger. Btw,. My profile pic shows the unit on my helmet back in June on a 95 + degree day and it rained the night before so humidity was up for sure. Unit kept me fog free.

  3. Lee Ressmeyer from South Bend, IN.

    I would like to start off by saying that i do a lot of outdoor activities, one of which, includes airsofting. I was lucky enough to get a chance to try it out on the field. The ExFog system could arguably be considered the 8th wonder of the world. Through heat, humidity, rain, forests, fields, and otherwise this thing is amazing!! Not once did i fog at all!! This unit is small (about the size of a credit card) and easily fit on the back of my helmet with no problems whatsoever. I loved the fact that the fan was super quiet and had multiple speeds allowing me to switch what strength I needed on the fly!! I am super excited for the official release of this project and will most definitely be getting a couple for myself!!!

  4. Joseph Patrick III from South Bend, IN.

    I had a chance to battle test a unit at a major national milsim event a few weeks ago. I wore the test unit for the weekend and had ZERO FOG indoors or outdoors. I kept my test unit on low for most of the day and kicked it to high of a few minutes when entering a building just to make sure the humidity difference didn’t affect me. It didn’t. The built in battery held up for the entire day and still had a charge left that night after day 1 came to a close. I have to say, Exfog is a must have item to pack on every outdoor activity where you think you might fog. I reserved mine the moment I found Aaron at the field. I recommend this product to everyone. I can’t wait to use my EXFOG on a construction site. As soon as I can, I’ll be placing a few few more pre-orders so I never have to be without at work or play. Thank you EXFOG for bringing us a true fog stopper.

  5. Ryan (Nomads) Ziegler from Carolinas.

    Team Owner
    Excellent product. It’s really light. Super quiet. Took a shot to one of the parts and it didn’t crack. Comfortable. Well constructed. I’m a pretty tough critic. I honestly can’t find anything I would change as of now. A really great product. It works!

  6. James Pierce from Houston Texas.

    I was skeptical at first, I thought this was gonna be some cheap attempt for a faulty cash grab, I was certain it would bust on my after a few minutes. Damn was I wrong. I experienced fog reduction of nearly 100 percent all day, after 6 hours of gameplay. It’s so light, it comes with Velcro tape so you can stick it on a fast helmet for airsoft, (which is what I use it for!) And a headband strap, and is very generous with the tubing, allowing you to cut the length to any distance you desire for what ever goggle/mask/helmet set up you work with. I loved mine, you’ll love yours too! Give ExFog a chance!

  7. WolfPAC Sniper from Maui, HI.

    I can see clearly now the fog is gone!
    I just used mine for the first time, all day, at an event here on Maui with slight rain and very humid conditions and not to mention me sweating up a storm. For the first time using my set up, I had a 100% fog free day, thanks to my ExFog! I could see sweat build up all over my zan headgear inner mask, and I have quite a few layers to my head pro and it normally would fog like crazy in the conditions I was facing. This worked even better than I had expected, I had hoped it would just clear out foggy goggles as it built up, but it was far better and I never had my goggles fog the whole day. I ran it from the second I put my eye pro on, until the end of the day, and I accidentally left it running while on breaks a few times and it held its charge the whole day. I was able to run it from 11-6pm with breaks. I should have fogged all day with the way I had everything set up and I did not once so I am a thoroughly satisfied customer! This was the perfect tool for the job and I love my ExFog!

  8. Juancarlos Triana from Chicago.

    I rushed my setup because the car got stuck so first game my tubes were coming off my right side for a little and I didnt noticed but I still didnt fog. second game I fixed it and had it in all game and expected to fog at least once from the cold and running but not once did I see any wet spots in the goggles or sign of fogging. not even on low mode. Im am just so impressed. It comes with everything you will need to attach it to almost any type of head gear and great tubing. It is super light weight Battery life is so much more than I expected. I have had it on for more than 6 hours and it is still running. It also took a bb to the back of the unit and not one mark. great product 10/10/ great price and better than any fan goggles I have had,

  9. Steven from Carson City.

    Retired Electrical Engineer
    Received mine last week. Love how it works with my Dye i5 Pro Airsoft Full Face Masks. Really does a great job keeping my masks clear.

  10. Dakota from Mishawaka Indiana.

    I always had issues with fogging. Well ever since I was able to try one of the prototype exfog ive been hooked . I was able to receive my exfog at Operation red eye where I fogged as soon as the OP started. I ran it with my Dye I4 and never had a single issue with fogging going forward with the op. This product is a must buy for those who suffer fogs fate

  11. Ian Johnson from Lenexa, KS.

    Performed word for word as advertised
    So I finally got to play today with my ExFog. It was around 50 degrees but super humid and very muddy. NO FOG! Only around the far corners for one game where my tubes sticking past. I kept it on the low setting and it kept the fog away. I kept forgetting I was even using it because it is very quiet. I was sweating like pig and was wondering when I gonna fog up. But I never did. I would turn it off to go back to the safe zone and fogged almost instantly. Than I’d turn it on high and it cleared within 90 seconds if that. I was using Oakley M frames with Helo kits for my full seal eye pro. Literally performed word for word as advertised. It’s amazing. Bravo. Ps. Everyone was having serious fogging problems that played. But not me…

  12. David from winona lake.

    What can I say that hasn’t been said or what people already people already know about the exfog it great it works as it should. I am a bigger guy amd always had trouble with fogging up untill i got the exfog amd now no more fog it great.

  13. What can I say that hasn’t been said or what people already people already know about the exfog it great it works as it should. I am a bigger guy amd always had trouble with fogging up untill i got the exfog amd now no more fog it great.

    Prototype review
    I got to use the prototype exfog for codename thunder. I wear high profile goggles and scratched nerd glasses. The ex fog is easy to install, wear and use. Three positions for the button 1 on full 2on battery saving mode 3 off. Position two is mostly what I played with during the day. The ex fog stays in place withindustrial velcro and the air tubes mostly stayed in place. The fog in my goggles was only where the air tubes where not pointed so only at the edges. I would not have been able to play with out the exfog. I highly recommend it

  14. Chris R. from Niles, mi

    I’m a faucet of sweat in the field. Not anymore.
    I’m an air softer based in niles michigan. I’ve been playing for over six and a half years now, and ever since I started the battle with goggle fog was never ending. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to recently test a device that rendered any fog harmless to my eyesight while in games, Exfog. The fan while slightly noticeable was not very loud at all, I could still hear very small twigs being snapped without hinderance. As for the antifogging itself, it worked beautifully in high humidity and heat. I sweat alot, and always have. So having a good method of reliable antifog without having to invest in diving goggle goop every time I play is amazing. I’m definitely gonna pick one up when it releases. 5/5, would use again if I could.


    Guys… (and gals) .. there has been alot of products out there for anti fog.
    Do yourself a favor and pick one of these up.
    Running multiple ops in 100 degree heat and ZERO FOG!!
    Also very easy to rig to helmet and tubes can fit goggles or shooter glasses w full seal.

  16. Robert Branch – Posted to ExFog

    My review of a must have product.

    I seen these at Fulda Gap 2018 but had already spent my limit… seen them again 2 weekends ago at op overwatch 5 and let Aaron talk me into a unit. Got it from booth and tried it out. Was very impressed but didn’t want write a review just yet (and since I can’t on the page, a comment it is). I tried it again at Ballahacks’ Rev9 this passed weekend and I now have enough info to say this –

    I don’t really fog so much as I sweat… I get about 1 minute of fog to let me know waterfalls of forehead sweat are coming for my goggles. Previously I had tried everything from several brands of anti-fog, to spit, to fan goggles, to soaps, to a recipe I learned from a Tibetan monk on my travels around the world (not really the last one)… nothing worked. For a few years I have been just using old school wrist sweat bands and using it and a finger to squeegee the insides to a degree of being able to shoot for a minute until it starts to water up again…

    In the super humid Florida everglades for Overwatch5 I had turned them off for awhile on Saturday to conserve battery for the weekend (roughly 10 hour battery life iirc depending on fan speed) and in a building found myself beginning to sweat… played until I couldn’t see anymore and called a replacement for my spot. In the time it took to turn them on, get up from my spot, and walk roughly 60’ to an exit – my goggles were bone dry and my forehead still wet.

    This passed weekend at Rev9 I had a slightly different experience though it was nothing that the ExFog did wrong… Saturday it did fine though I barely had to use it due to the weather being great… Sunday I found an Achilles heel to the product… full on rain. I mean, i didn’t expect it to repel the harsher elements so no worries and it held up very well to light rain… honestly it really was my fault for not using a brimmed hat which would have made it all work fine keeping the majority of the rain out of my goggles.

    All in all a great product as long as you don’t try to submerge yourself in a hard rain?. Definitely will be purchasing a second set for my other half.

    From Robert Branch:
    Posted to ExFog Facebook 12-10-18 at 12:57pm

  17. Xander wilson

    used it all day, no problems what so ever. minimal noise, no fog, great purchase

    • admin

      Thank you!

  18. Ares H. – United Kingdom

    I just had my first game using your device over the past weekend, and Im just replying to share my experience. I will admit I was sceptical coming in, but I have never been happier to be wrong, because I’ll be damned if the ex-fog doesnt run on pure magic. The wheather on sunday was ridiculous. It went from being sunny and windy, to drizzling, to light rain, to a storm, to hail, to rain again, and back to being sunny. Using your device on the second setting I experienced litteraly 0 fog. Not even on the edges of the lenses. 100% crystal clear, while also wearing both a mesh mask AND a balaclava on top, and running full speed for most of the game. Before, even on winter season, I woud last maybe 30 mins before my goggles got so fogged up I had to change to a second pair just to be able to see. 7 hours of gameplay with the exfog and it didnt skip a beat. It had plenty of battery left by the end too. As someone whos invested at least 700 pounds to his airsoft kit, I can safely say the 80 pounds I spent on the ex-fog have been the best investment so far. I am beyond pleased with your product and full-heartedly recommend it to anyone that enquires about it on the field or online. If I could possibly make a suggestion however for future versions, is to change the botton for selecting the speed of the fan, to a 4 position switch, as the unit is so quiet that with full gear on I couldnt easily tell which setting it was on, without having to remove my gloves and touch the device to feel the intensity of the vibration. Again, thank you for bringing this product to life, as I can finally say after 2 years of trying different solutions, that my eye pro set up is finally shorted.

    Kind Regards,

  19. Erik Larson

    I love my ex fog air system! I bought it about a year ago and it still works great! I am a larger guy (6’3″ 225lb) and breath pretty heavy so naturally my paintball goggles would get fogged up really fast. I also have a youzee glasses clip which makes it even worse when it comes to fogging. Once I got this air system everything was resolved. I don’t have any issues at all. I recommend this to anyone who plays paintball. MUST BUY!

  20. Alexander Grippo

    Love my exfog unit, I cringe thinking about playing airsoft in Florida before I owned one. Works flawlessly and when it didn’t, they stood by their product. Amazing customer service. I’m a customer for life, you won’t be disappointed!

    • admin

      Thanks so much for the kind words, and glad you’re diggin’ it!

  21. admin

    Just wanted to say I purchased an exfog unit and today was my first time using it, it was at an urban CQB field I play at where I have constant fogging issues, but today with the Exfog system, I didn’t fog once It is an amazing bit of kit,

    Thank you so much for bringing the exfog system to the airsoft market, it has been of huge benefit for myself,

    Kind regards,

    Dear Aaron,
    I cannot thank you enough for bringing this to the market, its continued to work flawlessly since my previous email to you,

    Feel free to put this review on your website 😊

    Kind regards,

    (Via Adam Porter by Email Approval To Post)

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