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ExFog in Action

Safety goggles and glasses can fog up if their temperatures are lower than the heat that is being emitted by the individual’s face. When that heat comes into contact with the protective eyewear, the lower temperatures will cause the air to condensate. Tiny water droplets will start to form on the glasses and obscure the wearer’s field of vision. At ExFog, we have learned that foggy lenses are one of the biggest frustrations that our customers experience. These problems can affect their performance at work or while participating in a sport or hobby. That’s why our company has developed an array of antifog products to address these issues.

Popular Applications of ExFog Antifog Solutions

Why Choose ExFog Antifog Systems?

ExFog was founded to meet the need of a reliable and effective antifog system for full seal goggles. Our company created an alternative that was more affordable than traditional open fan systems, which were typically expensive and had limitations. Today, ExFog antifog systems are compact, lightweight, feature a high-strength polycarbonate body, variable speed control fan systems, other advanced features. The product’s self-contained design does not expose any wires or components to the elements. Therefore, our products offer long-lasting performance for years. Because our antifog products can be attached to the temple portion of your headwear or full seal goggles, they won’t get in the way during training or while you are on the job.

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