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Wearing Safety Goggles Over Glasses

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Does your job involve handling chemicals or heavy machinery and dust particles are part of the daily routine? Or do you love woodworking or playing sports? Safety goggles or safety glasses are a must. If you wear glasses, you don’t have to worry; wearing goggles over glasses is a definite possibility.

How do Safety Goggles/Glasses work?

Safety goggles are built to withstand a great amount of impact. The materials used to make the frame and lens were carefully designed and created for this purpose. The frames are usually made of polycarbonate, a strong and lightweight material. Most lenses in safety eyewear, both non-prescription and prescription, are also made of polycarbonate. Though they are more easily scratched, they can stop dust, sand, or any other debris from entering your eyes.

Each pair of safety glasses conforms to the American National Standards Institute and the standards are always being updated. Safety eyeglasses are subjected to numerous safety tests, designed to show that they can withstand a large amount of pressure.

Safety glasses do not affect vision or cause short-term or long-term damage. They provide extra protection when one engages in work or sports activities.

The Benefits of Safety Glasses over Prescription glasses

One might think it’s simply easier to wear their everyday glasses as protection against debris as opposed to safety glasses, but this is not enough. Most safety glasses are covered on all sides. What this means is that they are in contact with your face, and this really ensures that no particles can get in. If you take a look at your regular glasses now, there are gaps between your face and your glasses’ lens and frames. An alternative is to get prescription safety goggles though those can be a bit pricey. The best option for you is to purchase your regular glasses and a pair of safety glasses then and wear them over your prescription glasses.

The Bottom Line 

You can and should wear safety glasses over your prescription glasses and not just prescription glasses alone. They provide the necessary protection against possible eye injuries. More than 1000 reported eye injuries could have been avoided had people taken the right safety precautions. Some common eye injuries are a result of chemical exposure or foreign objects in the eye. Other injuries are due to oil and grease splashes or ultraviolet or infrared radiation exposure. 

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