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Understanding The Fog Phenomenon

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As a natural phenomenon, fog has both fascinated and troubled the human population for thousands of years. No doubt, it can be quite a sight to behold in a place of natural beauty, but in our day to day lives, the appearance of fog can pose several dangers. For instance, when it is foggy out, it can be dangerous for drivers on the road when they are unable to clearly see other vehicles around them as well as gauge the speed at which they are going. In addition, when fog forms on eyewear such as glasses and goggles, it can compromise the wearer’s vision and increase the dangers they are exposed to. In this article, we explain more about the fog phenomenon.

Understanding Fog

Humid conditions or a rapid change in temperature is required for fog to form. Essentially, fog is just like clouds we see in the sky, but at ground level. The difference between a fog and a mist is the level of visibility it affords us. Mist allows us to see more than 1,000 meters through it while fog does not. When the fog phenomenon occurs, it can be dangerous for those on the road, increasing the number of accidents that take place.

Foggy Eyewear

Fog as a natural phenomenon is not just something that occurs due to natural conditions. It can also happen under controlled environments such as the workplace, especially those where employees have to frequently move between a warmer environment to a colder one and vice versa. These industries include food processing, construction, the oil and gas industry and many others.

Foggy eyewear can pose numerous problems, including:

  • Reducing the visibility of workers and increasing the risk of accidents
  • Leaving workers in an impossible situation where they have to either remove the goggles entirely or continue working with impaired vision. Working without goggles can expose the eyes to strong rays of light as well as harmful sparks and particles, which is why safety eyewear is mandatory in some industries. However, it is not uncommon for workers to go without goggles due to fogging
  • Lowered productivity and performance and a loss in profits
  • … and more!

As mentioned above, the dangers of going without goggles or pushing on with foggy eyewear are serious. That is why all businesses in industries that require it should always provide proper anti-fog technology and eyewear to their employees.

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