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Surefire Ways To Prevent Goggles From Fogging

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If you have to wear goggles on a regular basis for work or a sport you participate in, you may have experienced no end of trouble with fogging goggles. You may even have tried out numerous remedies, but nothing seemed to work. What, then, can you do to prevent goggles fogging and ensure your own safety? The answer lies in a few simple tips and tricks as well as getting an advanced anti-fog system.

Understand Why Goggles Fog Up

The most important tip to prevent or reduce the instances where your goggles fog up is to understand why it happens. That way, you can avoid some habits that may be causing your goggles to fog up more quickly or frequently. Fog occurs when the moist, humid air on the inside of your goggles come into contact with the colder air on the outside of your goggles. To reduce the chances of this happening, you can:

  • Reduce the level of moisture within the goggles
  • Keep the temperatures on the inside and outside of your goggles as close as possible

Get Moving

You may be wondering how you can keep the internal and external temperatures of your goggles as close as possible. The answer is straightforward: get moving. When you move, so does the air around you. Staying in one position for a prolonged period can result in fog forming more quickly.

Avoid Resting Goggles on Your Head

One habit most people engage in is to place their goggles on their heads for short periods of time. However, this can actually result in them fogging up more quickly when you put them on again. This is because of the higher temperature on the top of your head – after all, the human body gives off heat. When you eventually slide your goggles back into place, you will find that the hot humid air which has entered results in fogging happening sooner.

Dry Your Goggles at the End of the Day

What do you do with your goggles when you are done with work or skiing for the day? Do you just leave them lying around on the table? If so, you are making a mistake. Letting your goggles dry out can go a long way in preventing fog from forming.

Get Advanced Anti-Fog Technology from ExFog®

Have you tried one or more of the methods listed above, or perhaps any that are not listed on here? If so, you may not have found them very effective, or realized that they are only effective in minimizing the speed at which your goggles fog up. If so, it’s time to invest in advanced anti-fog technology made specifically for the purpose.

At ExFog®, our anti-fog system works through a variable speed control fan system to control the temperature around you. Its lightweight and compact design means that it can attach easily to your existing eyewear or headgear. If you have any queries or would like more information, please feel free to contact us today.