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Safety Goggles Are Crucial In These Industries!

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Safety goggles for industries are important. Statistics show that every minute, at least one person experiences an eye injury that needs medical attention. Yet, there are several industries that have a greater need for them than others. Some of these industries may surprise you, as they are far from the traditional places you would expect to see safety goggles.


It goes without saying that construction sites can be perilous places if the proper safety procedures are not followed or respected. Aside from protecting your body, starting with your head – with a hard hat – do not neglect the safety of your eyes. Construction sites are generally unpredictable even when safety measures are in place. Anything from the smallest particles of dust to the largest blocks or metal, wood or concrete can pose a threat to you. Safety goggles should already be a given for construction workers, but it is wise to never become complacent, and keep them on when in the site proper.


The manufacturing industry is a broad one, and certainly, depending on what you are manufacturing, the level of risk is either higher or lower. In general, small particles of dust, metal, or other chemicals can enter your eyes while you’re on the job, causing no end of irritation and could even cause permanent damage. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings when working and keep the safety goggles you have been given on. If you do not have them and you believe your job requires them, do not hesitate to ask your managers.

Laboratory Work

The threat in a laboratory should be obvious. As the clichés of classical mad scientists would go so far to tell you, splashing chemicals are a constant hazard, and the less constant hazards like spilled blood or the release of harmful gases are still present, regardless of the measures put in place to prevent them. You will want to wear protective eyewear in the lab, as you’ve no doubt already been provided with.

Automotive Repair

In a car repair shop, you will be exposed to all kinds of debris and objects that could potentially harm the eyes. A tiny screw that ends up in the eye as one is doing repair work under a vehicle is bound to hurt. Wear safety goggles to avoid that.


Healthcare and safety goggles may not appear associated, but the medical field presents a series of unique dangers to eyesight. Bloodborne pathogens mean that every time blood or bodily fluids have the potential to splash into one’s eyes, safety goggles should be worn.

Professional Sports

Professional sports may involve a great deal of hustle and tussle. Athletes like Horace Grant wear safety goggles not just to look cool, but to protect their eyes from the worst-case scenario.

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