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Antifog Home Remedies

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Do you battle with goggle fog? We understand!

At Battlewear Components, Inc., home of ExFog, we have been down this road many times, and have come across some pretty cool remedies that we want to share with you!

As always, these remedies will vary based on body composition, lenses, air movement within the goggles, and many other factors that cause goggle fog, to begin with. One of these home remedies may work well for defogging goggles, we hope! Otherwise, give ExFog a try. It is an inexpensive alternative to many other solutions, and you can still use any pair of goggles that you happen to like, including Low Profile eyewear…This list is in general order of effectiveness from the top down.

Antifog Home Remedy #1: Spit

That’s right! Good, plain old-fashioned, home-grown spit creates a great temporary solution to goggle fog. Same as other antifog compounds, spit makes a surface that causes the water molecules to break up, so your vision does not fog up, but usually just gets some water droplets. Simply spit, and rub on the lenses of the goggles until dry. Spit is truly a powerful agent for defogging goggles, safety lenses and scuba masks. Since it’s from your body, it won’t cause irritation to the eye like other remedies. It is the most constantly used method and is easily available, often used with long-term remedies like ExFog anti-fog system. On top of that, it is free! Just make sure you use your own!

Antifog Home Remedy #2: Dish-soap

Dish soap is an anti-fog rubbing compound and is supremely effective at stopping fog build-up on glasses and goggles. In the same way of application as other compounds, just put a drop of dish soap on a clean rag, and rub until the point when you have a clean lens. Try not to rub too hard or overdo it, as you don’t want that microscopic anti-fog coating on the lens to wear off. Dawn is generally the most commonly used in my circles, but let us know below what brand has worked best for you!

Antifog Home Remedy #3: Toothpaste

Yep, believe it or not, toothpaste can also be an effective antifog home remedy for goggles and glasses. I have not seen enough of a list of different brands on this, so looking for your suggestions or comments below on what you have tried, and what is best/worst in your experience!

Antifog Home Remedy #4: Soaps and other Cleaning Agents

There are many other defogging compounds that come highly suggested…from soaps, shampoos, glycerin, and even alcohol…

Warning: Most importantly, be careful when applying any of these home remedies! Some may cause eye irritation or other issues as this is NOT what the items are intended for.

We are always curious to see what other solutions work for you, so don’t hesitate to share brands or other ideas!

If you are looking for a more permanent and active solution, look into the ExFog, Anti-fog system as well!

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