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How Anti-Fog Can Help Reduce Eye Injuries

How Anti-Fog Can Help Reduce Eye Injuries

The number one vision-related barrier to safety eyewear in the workplace is fogging. As such, anti-fog reduces eye injuries. Safety regulations and the right equipment – that, if worn, will keep a worker safe – are often in place, but fogged eyewear throws a wrench into the works; a disruption and potential catastrophe that is more likely to occur in the summer heat and humidity. High heat environments pose a similar risk.

Statistically, more than one eye injury requiring medical treatment is recorded every minute. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are 2000 cases of workplace eye injuries every day. Consider the impact these injuries have on the individual and the industry at large… Eye injuries cost the industry some $4 billion in 2014. A published study detailed that fogging stands as the most notorious reason for safety eyewear being rendered useless and ineffective, and more than half the respondents pointed to anti-fog as a solution.

How does Fogging Occur?

Similar to the way water droplets coalesce on the surface of a cold glass or drink on a hot day, for safety glasses, the outside environment is hotter than the inside. The safety eyewear is cooler than the ambient air, causing moisture to fill the air and condense onto the glasses. The more moisture accumulates, the foggier the glasses become. The closer the eyewear is to the worker’s face, the more profound the effect. Which is why today’s eyewear designs worsen the issue. Modern safety eyewear is wraparound, causing a tighter fit around the face, reducing airflow, and stopping heat and moisture from being dissipated.

How Fogging Causes Eye Injury

When safety eyewear fogs up, workers could be incentivized to take them off. Whether it is because they are not able to see what they are doing or they are annoyed by it, it will expose them to a variety of hazards. When the worker is resolved to fight on and persist with fogged safety eyewear, their vision often becomes impaired. This makes them prone to making grievous mistakes when performing routine tasks, leading to injuries potentially far worse than eye injuries.

How It is Better with Anti-Fog Gear

It is often said that comfort aids compliance, though a little more style wouldn’t hurt either. With fog-resistant safety eyewear, workers will not need to take them off to see what they are doing. They won’t feel frustrated or tired dealing with fog, meaning they can focus on the job at hand. As a result, work safety will reign, and productivity will soar.

For top-quality anti-fog solutions, come to ExFog. We take it upon ourselves to combat the terrible threat of fogging. More than just safety, we offer style, durability, comfort, and versatility so that you won’t have to concern yourself with fog again. Contact us today to learn more.

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