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Fogging Goggles in Airsoft

Fogging Goggles in Airsoft

Hello, my name is Aaron Bennett, codename. “Flatline”.

I am XO to the 14th L.I.D. in Northern Indiana, and Admin for MAC (Michiana Airsoft Coalition)…Needless to say, I am an avid Airsoft competitor.

I love the sport. Enough, like in many sports or hobbies, I invested quite a bit into my gear and goggles. From guns capable of shooting faster, gear that is applicable to a MILSIM (Military Simulated) environments, safety Goggles for eye protection, and other safety equipment…

This stuff isn’t cheap. Nor are the large events, which can be as much as $75 or more just to attend…For those interested in getting into airsoft, I suggest this link which discusses the sport in more detail, but it is important to note that as expected, eye protection is an absolute necessity. Eye injuries in this sport are quite low overall, but that is because Safety Goggles are an absolute requirement from the time you enter an active field until the time you leave.

Not shockingly, you are often in hot environments (Spring and Summer), and with a decent amount of gear you may be wearing, it can be a recipe for Goggle Fog…

Like many of you, I invested in the sport. I love the sport. Everything from the comradery, to the action, to the honorable players and rules by which govern the sport.

So nothing, and I mean nothing, is more devastating than packing up for a day or weekend at an event, getting on the field, in a building, in a brush, or taking a position and fogging up…

You try everything you can think of, but the issue returns.This is the point where I see people pack up. This is the point where I see people throw in the towel, and it is frustrating. It is frustrating because I have been there numerous times, and there is a better way…That is exactly why I developed the ExFog system. Everything I tried, from dish-soap on up, just didn’t work. It may have helped a tad, but I needed something that would work, period.With the ExFog, I can hit events in any weather, cold or hot and I have NO issues with goggle fog anymore. None…Now I can deal with other issues, like the guy that needs just a couple more BB’s coming his way because maybe they didn’t “feel” my last shot ?

Well, happy Airsofting, and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

As a note, we are also on Facebook, and in the process of launching this new patent pending product – Please like and follow our page to help us launch!

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