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Vision Protection At The Workplace

Vision Protection At The Workplace

Workplace vision protection might be obvious, but it might come as a surprise that eye injuries are among the most common when it comes to workplace injuries. Though they are very common, safety experts and doctors agree that eye injuries could have been lessened by 90% if people took the right safety precautions. Some common eye injuries are a result of chemical exposure or foreign objects in the eye. Other injuries are due to oil and grease splashes or ultraviolet or infrared radiation exposure.

Two of the main reasons workers get eye injuries are because they weren’t wearing eye protection or the proper protection for the job.

How to Protect Eyes from Injury

Here are a few simple ways to protect one’s eyes from injury:

  • Be aware of the possible eye injuries you could sustain from work.
  • Avoid injuries by wearing the proper safety equipment before embarking on the job
  • Use appropriate eye protection. Depending on your work, check if you can use non-prescription or prescription safety glasses. Goggles protect against chemical splashes. Face shields and helmets protect workers from chemicals, heat, or pathogens. Depending on your work, you might need to wear masks with filters to prevent airborne pathogens.
  • Keep safe eye protection and replace if broken or damaged.
  • Make sure safety glasses fit properly on you.

Wearing Contact Lenses on the Job

There is no doubt that contact lenses are very helpful in improving one’s eyesight, which can positively impact the workplace. Though contact lenses don’t provide sufficient protection from workplace hazards, there is no proof that wearing contacts increases the risk of injuring your eyes. However, it must be noted that protective eyewear must still be worn over contacts.

What to do in an Eye Emergency

You should look for a doctor immediately, especially if your eye hurts or you experience blurry eyesight or a loss of vision. Below are some simple first aid steps that you can take until you see a doctor:

  • Chemicals – Flush out the eye with water. Make sure the water is clean. If you’re wearing contacts, just start flushing out the eye anyway; don’t wait to remove them. Do not attempt to neutralize the chemicals.
  • Particles – Do not rub your eye. Using a tear solution, try to blink out the particles. Try lifting eyelids outward and downwards to remove the particle. If the particle is still not successfully out, bandage the eye lightly
  • Blows – Apply a cold compress or crushed ice in a place bag, but do not press down on your eyes. 

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