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Why Anti-Fog Is Important When Wearing A Mask

Why Anti-Fog Is Important When Wearing A Mask

Do you ski, play sports or work in a place where dust and other particles are in the air? You might be familiar with masks or safety eyewear, but most people don’t know the importance of anti-fog when wearing a mask. For some, chemical wipes, and dish soap work to get rid of fog accumulated in eyewear or safety goggles. However, for many people, these solutions don’t work.

Fog accumulates inside masks because of low air circulation or uneven airflow. As a result, productivity and compliance issues abound. Read on to find out how a good anti-fog solution can improve the mask-wearing experience.

Temperature Regulation

The ExFog anti-fog device is a fan-driven system with variable speed, so you don’t dry out your eyes. How it works is that air is driven through tubing into the temple portion of your fully sealed goggles. The fan regulates temperature, getting rid of fog.

ExFog is a patent-pending, custom-mounted, self-contained unit. This means that you can put it anywhere: we’ve designed the unit such that you can put it on the back of your headgear and tuck the tubing in the helmet or if it gets too hot, you could remove the custom manifold, which is part of the exhaust system, and attach the side-by-side manifold. ExFog is easily attachable and detachable by Velcro and can be used with safety eyewear.


ExFog is small and lightweight, weighing a modest 2.9 ounces, which makes it suitable to be attached to headgear, headwear, such as baseball caps, or even directly to a mask. Though it is light, it is very strong. In fact, the ExFog is made of a lexi polycarbonate system, the same kind of material used to make bullet-proof glass.

Suitable for Various Activities

Here at ExFog, we’re constantly improving and evolving to give our customers the product they need. One example of our innovation is the specialized T-band, a one-piece for downhill skiers or paintballers. The great thing about ExFog’s anti-fog system is that it is designed to be suitable for various activities, such as paintball, airsoft, construction, and downhill skiing.

Users want an anti-fog solution so they don’t have to keep adjusting or cleaning their glasses while trying to focus on work or playing sports. Our anti-fog solutions keep users safe without the problem of fog on their eyewear caused by wearing masks. 

Why You Should Shop at ExFog

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest in anti-fogging technology for your everyday eyeglasses or eye goggles needs. ExFog offers a one-year factory defect warranty. ExFog is a rechargeable system with a long battery life. There is a micro USB that users can use to charge the device. Contact us today to learn more.

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