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Prioritize Eye Safety For Kids

Prioritize Eye Safety For Kids

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. Our goal is to make sure they grow up in a healthy and safe environment and have as much fun as they can. Eye safety for kids is very important because children are first and foremost visual learners and sight is a crucial sensory system. The most common eye injuries that children suffer from include those from tumbles at home and outside, mishandling of toys and everyday objects like utensils, or dangerous contact with common household items like cleaners and detergents. Here are some ways to protect your kid’s eyes.

Indoor Safety

Here are some tips to childproof a home to protect a child’s eyes:

  • Use baby gates at the tops and bottoms of staircases
  • Make sure the home is sufficiently lit
  • Pad furniture corners, regardless of whether they are sharp or not
  • Ensure drawers with dangerous cutlery are locked up
  • Ensure cupboards with chemicals, medications, detergents, or bleach are locked up

You could also consider safety glasses or goggles, but those tend to fog up. You could prevent that from happening using the ExFog Antifog System.

Outdoor Safety

UV safety is an important consideration. UV radiation can reach the light-sensitive layer at the back of your children’s eyes. You should definitely consider investing in child-fitted sunglasses that have proper protection against both UVA and UVB. Check that the lenses aren’t distorted or imperfect and choose lenses that are grey, green, or brown.

Children often enjoy playing sports, which makes them prone to injuries. Eye protection, like protective goggles or eyewear, is the most effective in protecting their eyes. Our anti fog system works as an excellent fog resistor so your kid can play to the best of their abilities unimpeded.

Car Safety

The most obvious answer to a child’s car safety is infant and child safety seats or booster seats. Safety belts are always a must. Avoid storing loose objects in the trunk or on the car floor as they can pierce and injure in a crash or when a car is swerving.

Be Alert and on Top of things

If your child’s kindergarten or grade school doesn’t do annual medical checkups, it would be a good idea to visit an optometrist to conduct an eye exam for your child. The optometrist can advise further on how you and your child can take care of their eyesight for the long term. You can teach them to be responsible for themselves at a young age, which would be an important life lesson.

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