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How Wearing Safety Headgear Can Prevent COVID-19

How Wearing Safety Headgear Can Prevent COVID-19

Ever since the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic, we have all been paying more attention to our personal hygiene. This is especially crucial for workers in critical industries such as food processing. With the need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in some industries and a face covering at the very least, this can result in several frustrations such as glasses or goggles fogging up. However, it is recognized that many employers, and states, require wearing safety headgear. In this article, we explain why wearing face coverings can help to prevent COVID-19.

Understanding How COVID-19 Spreads

According to the CDC, there are three ways in which COVID-19 can spread:

  • Being in close contact with an infected person
  • Inhaling the airborne particles from an infected person who sneezes or coughs in proximity to you
  • Touching your eyes, nose or mouth after touching a surface which has the virus on it

As the eyes, nose and mouth are potential ways in which COVID-19 can spread, it is essential that they remain well protected at all times. This is where safety headgear comes in.

Challenges of Foggy Eyewear

Even under normal circumstances, many industries require their employees to have on safety goggles for personal protection reasons. Coupled with a face covering that has now become encouraged because of COVID-19, employees may find that the instances where their goggles fog up become more frequent.

To solve this problem, some manufacturers of PPE offer glasses with anti-fog coatings, however, not every employee may have been offered this option and the coating itself can wear off over time. Manufacturers have also received requests for a variety of safety eyewear options. Below are some of the solutions:

  • Close-fitting goggles with anti-fog solutions: When there is a difference between the internal and external temperatures surrounding the goggles, fog develops. To reduce the chances of the hot air within the goggles escaping, they have to be as close-fitting as possible.
  • Face shields, which do not run such a high risk of fogging up due to their farther proximity from the wearer’s face. Although they are more comfortable and can be disinfected relatively easily, they may not be suitable or practical for every industry. Face shields should provide crown and chin protection as well as wrap around the face till the point of the ear.

Get Advanced Anti-Fog Technology from ExFog

If you work in an industry where goggles ensure the safety of each worker, you may be wondering how to solve the challenge of fogging goggles while complying with the need for safety headgear and face coverings. ExFog’s anti-fog system is the answer you are looking for. Our system can be attached directly onto existing eyewear and headgear, being light and compact to ensure minimal discomfort. It works through a variable speed control fan system to control the temperature around the wearer. If you have any queries or would like more information, please feel free to contact us today.

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