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How The Anti-Fog Coat Works

How The Anti-Fog Coat Works

With face masks and coverings becoming the new normal, those of us who wear glasses will understand the hassle and frustration that ensues each time your glasses fog up – again. Then, think about the frustration experienced by those who have to wear safety goggles as part of their job or for a hobby they participate in, such as skiing. When their goggles fog up, not only can it be irritating, it can be a safety hazard, resulting in impaired vision and the higher likelihood of accidents happening. That is why you should invest in anti-fog systems and technology where necessary; it can almost be said to be an investment in your own safety.

Why Lenses Fog Up

First, you may be wondering what causes the annoying phenomenon of lenses fogging up. Simply put, this is caused by the difference in temperature between the outside and inside of your lenses. When water vapor condenses on your lenses, this results in what we know as fog. Several factors can determine how quickly your lenses tend to fog up, which includes:

  • The surrounding temperature – for instance, if you work within a controlled environment
  • The level of physical exertion you are putting in: sweating more increases the amount of humidity around your lenses

You may also have noticed that your lenses tend to fog up more easily on extremely cold and warm days.

Understanding the Anti-Fog Coat

Fortunately, there are options available to those who wish to avert this problem, or simply have to keep safety in mind at all times. An anti-fog coat can be applied to your existing eyewear. This is usually in the form of a chemical that prevents water condensing as small droplets. Although water vapor will still condense, the period of time it takes to do so will be slowed down and it will not condense as tiny droplets which result in fog, but as a non-scattering pool of water.

Deciding on an Anti-Fog System

Before rushing out and getting an anti-fog system, you will need to consider your needs. If you simply wish to minimize fog on your glasses and sunglasses in everyday life, you may choose to get basic anti-fog lenses or apply an anti-fog spray to your existing eyewear. Keep in mind that sprays have to be applied regularly and they may not work for every piece of eyewear.

If you work in an environment where having unimpaired vision is critical for your safety, you will want to get a more advanced anti-fog system. Here is where our ExFog system comes in. Its lightweight and compact design allows you to clip it directly onto your existing eyewear or headgear, and it works through a speed control fan system with minimal noise disturbance.

Get the ExFog System

If you require an advanced anti-fog system to ensure your safety and that of others around you, the ExFog System is perfect for your purposes. If you have any queries or would like more information, please feel free to contact us today.

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