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History of the ExFog System

History of the ExFog System

Have you ever had a situation where Fog on your Goggles became a major issue? If so, I know exactly how you feel!

My name is Aaron Bennett, and like many people, I had gotten into a sport that required safety goggles for my eyes. In my case, it was the sport of Airsoft. Like other competitive shooting contact sports, such as Paintball, Airsoft, or the new Archery Tag, safety goggles are an absolute necessity. Not to mention, construction, downhill skiing, roofing, and the list goes on…

If you experience fogging goggles on a field, like I did, you can not even break the seal with a finger to wipe away the fog without risk of ejection. Even if you do, the fog would instantly return, and you are left just waiting to get knocked out of the game, competition, or event!

I literally found nothing more agitating than goggles that fogged up, and I tried everything to get rid of the fog particles!

First, I tried different types of dish-soap.

Then on to different rubbing compounds that were supposedly the ultimate solution in anti-fogging goggles (yeah-right!).

I tried fans, which worked a bit, but were either too weak, or too exposed…One shot from a BB or paintball, rain, mud, etc., and they would be toast, but I kept trying.

Then, onto different goggles, making quite an investment for different types of goggles. Granted, I wear glasses, so I had to defog not only the goggles, but my glasses as well.

I watched people literally spend hundreds (if not thousands) on equipment, guns, gear, ammo, upgrades, time invested, etc…and literally end up quitting the sport because they just couldn’t see from fog buildup, which was truly unfortunate.

But I didn’t want to give up…There was only one thing more frustrating than having to leave the field time and again due to fog buildup, and that was the thought of giving up…Wasn’t gonna happen.

Finally, after investing over $350 into prescription goggles, designed supposedly for protection from fog, guess what…They fogged up! Arrgh…It was time to make a change.

That’s when I finally came to the realization that I although I can get vented goggles, I need something that will “help it along”…I didn’t want to invest in another pair of goggles with built-in fans because they have a tendency to be noisy and expensive. More importantly, if the fan dies, you’re in the same boat. There are many reasons, actually, that I didn’t want to go this route, including that I wore glasses, and would need the ability to defog both the goggles and the glasses together.

So, what could I do to regulate the air temperature in the safety goggle while meeting the requirements of any paintball or airsoft field, construction employer, or safety person?

Well, it started simple, but with that, we had to create a completely different prototype with many more features to allow for a truly quality unit with patent protection. I needed a self-contained unit – Something that could take an absolute beating with no exposed wires or battery pack. I wanted it to be rechargeable, and with a light-weight battery. I wanted a specialized attachment method so someone could wear it anywhere if they chose. We needed customized manifolds so that we could keep the tubes from kinking when attaching to different head-ware (such as hats, helmets, caps, etc.). The list went on and on, and the product gained quite a life as I invested in prototyping, control board development, fan outputs, quality components, and the list goes on and on…

So finally, after numerous attempts, testing, and much investment, we were finally able to release the ExFog. The only self-contained, fully custom mountable system for defogging Goggles!

The story will continue as we develop more, gain more feedback from our valued customers, etc…

And that sums up the history of the ExFog Goggle Defog Unit.

We are getting ready for launch, and before we are official, we need your feedback! Either by joining the Newsletter, or liking and following our Facebook Page…I hope we can earn your support!

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