ExFog Features:

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What is it that makes the ExFog the BEST buy in Anti-Fogging?
ExFog High Impact Body

High Impact, Fully Self-Contained Body:

No exposed wires, fans or blades. Designed to take hits, impacts, falls from skiing, etc. All components are designed to be "face-down" which allows for natural shielding against the elements

ExFog High Impact Body

Rechargeable Battery and Variable Speed Control:

This must not only clear the fog, but we designed it with comfort in mind!

Our Variable Speed Control allows you to turn it down to a "maintenance level" once fog is cleared.

This allows for hours of comfortable wearability and also extends battery life to a full 8 hours of non-stop use

ExFog High Impact Body

High speed, Long Life Fan:

Designed to help with even the most stubborn fog, in the harshest of conditions

ExFog High Impact Body

Custom Manifold System:

The ExFog Proprietary Manifold System is set up specifically for kink-free operation - This system is designed so that whether the unit is sitting directly flat on something, such as the bill of a cap, or if it is sitting on a helmet or hat, you can use the manifold that is specific to your needs!

Do you have a need for a specialized manifold for your industry? Let us know by clicking here! If we receive enough of the same requests, we just may design something for you!

ExFog High Impact Body

Adjustable ExFog Headmount:

This is designed specifically for the ExFog, with an easy snap-on/off adapter, ensure the system is completely safe when mounted on your head, helmet, hat, or cap!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Design changes to make more streamlined, lightweight, and better quality will occur prior to this unit being made available - We will continue to notify our valuable customers of these changes as they occur!

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(estimated offline around Christmas 2017 - trying for earlier!)
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