ExFog Goggle Antifog – Prototype Field Test

The ExFog goggle antifog system got its first major field test on May 20th, 2017 at Blast Camp Paintball and Airsoft. We were cordially invited to attend, and showcase the product, so I had the most recent redesigns manufactured, and we took them over to the Valken Sponsored Airsoft Event.

History of the ExFog System:

Ex Fog Antifog unit – Pictured with paintball goggles Have you ever had a situation where Fog on your Goggles became a major issue? If so, I know exactly how you feel! My name is Aaron Bennett, and like many people, I had gotten into a sport that required safety goggles for my eyes. In … Continue reading “History of the ExFog System:”

Antifog Home Remedies:

Low Profile Safety Goggles – Full Seal Antifog Home Remedies: Do you battle with Goggle Fog? We understand! At Battlewear Components, Inc., home of the ExFog, we have been down this road many times, and have come across some pretty cool remedies that we want to share with you! As always, these remedies will vary … Continue reading “Antifog Home Remedies:”

Getting Into Airsoft:

Getting ready for an Airsoft event at Blast Camp in Indiana Getting into the sport of airsoft can be quite exciting, but can also be quite intimidating for many people. Most of us, and perhaps you as well, started into the sport one of two ways: You happened across an airsoft gun at the local … Continue reading “Getting Into Airsoft:”

AntiFog Remedies:

AntiFog Remedies: What Anti-fog Remedies exist? What are the pros and cons? Remedies for defogging goggles can be broken down into a few different main categories. This information will help you select the appropriate antifog remedy for your particular situation as it relates to goggles, or safety eyewear.   Antifog Remedy #1: Compounds and Rubs … Continue reading “AntiFog Remedies:”

Why do my goggles fog?

Why do my goggles fog? Construction worker in safety goggles This is a question that is asked quite often, as most people that wear safety goggles, ski goggles, airsoft goggles, paintball masks, and more have experienced fog building on the eyewear. I have experienced this first-hand, and found it to be a challenging problem for … Continue reading “Why do my goggles fog?”

Fogging Goggles in Airsoft:

Playing Airsoft – Codename “Flatline” Hello, my name is Aaron Bennett, codename. “Flatline”. I am XO to the 14th L.I.D. in Northern Indiana, and Admin for MAC (Michiana Airsoft Coalition)…Needless to say, I am an avid Airsoft competitor. I love the sport. Enough, like in many sports or hobbies, I invested quite a bit into … Continue reading “Fogging Goggles in Airsoft:”

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